Hey, I'm Indigo Goss

A Product Designer from London 

Obsessed with Wellness, Innovation and Design.

Selected Work Below


Saku - MVP

Product Design 

Saku is a wellbeing app that connects users to nature via the 5 ways to wellbeing. You can book outdoor gym classes, activities and PT sessions as well as tracking your well being and progress. Saku includes gamification to stand out in a crowded market and it helps to keep users engaged. 

Saku needed a product to be built and designed from scratch. I worked on the initial idea, and conducted the UX and UI design for the prototype, MVP and Phase one of the product.

Saku - Phase 1

My 3rd project for Saku Mind was to create the Take Notice section of the app. Helping customers become self aware of what they have and what they want to achieve. 

I really enjoyed working on this project, as I know the Saku customers and team pretty well now,  so it was great to be able to develop and design a new section of the app for them.  



Natural x Lab 

UX, Responsive Design and Branding

A multi brand lifestyle store selling sustainable products.

I started this company in 2017, in this case study it shows my journey on the UX research, branding and the outcome of the final responsive design based upon my findings. 


UX|UI, Responsive design, Neumorphism.

A cult webapp for customers to learn, save and trade digital assets; stocks, shares, NFTs. 

The style of this app is based on Neumorphism, a key trend in UI design. My main challenge of creating this app was to create a user friendly web app, in this not so user friendly trend and in one of the most complex sectors, finance.




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