Hey, I'm Indigo Goss

A Product Designer from London 

Obsessed with Innovation and Design.

Selected Work



Product Design 

Saku is a wellebing app, that connects users to nature via the 5 ways to wellbeing. You can book outdoor gym classes, activtites and PT sessions as well as tracking your wellbeing and progess Saku includes gamification to stand out from a crowded market and keep user engaged. 

Saku needed a product to be built and designed from scratch. I worked on the initial idea, and conducted the UX and UI designfor the prototype and Phase one of the product.

(Phase one Launching in Fall 2021)

Natural x Lab 

UX, Responsive Design and Branding


A multi brand lifestyle store selling sustainble products.


I started this comapny in 2017, in this case study it shows my journey on the UX research, branding and the outcome of the final responsive design based apon my findings.