About me...

I'm obsessed with innovation and beautiful designs that have both purpose and meaning. I love working in an agile style, and believe that process makes perfect, in an ever evolving, digital world. I love a good challenge, and will always arise to the occasion. 

A bit of background: I started modeling at 14 years old while still doing my GCSE’s, it opened my eyes to a whole new industry not taught at my school. After my exams I began traveling and working around the world experiencing different cultures and styles from 16 (Yes, back then it was normal to work and travel alone as a teenage model, and no one would bat an eyelid). In between working I studied Fashion and Design Construction, and my obsession of colour and textures started to set in. So after 10years of modeling I retired, and decided to go backstage and work as a stylist, I worked my way up from the bottom, starting off as an assistant (if you’ve seen the Devil wears Prada, I’ve seen worse) to becoming the Fashion Editor at Suitcase Magazine (winner of many design awards) as well as styling and Art Directing for the likes of DeBeers, Dior, Fendi and Amazon.

I have always been inquisitive and innovative by nature and wanting a new challenge with a passion to explore the start-up world I set up my first start up, a sustainable fashion multi brand store, primarily to work out how everything worked from setting up a company, Sales, Scale, Growth, Customer Service, Google Analytics, SEO, etc etc. It was fun doing it on my own (and I now have two perspective buyers for the company). However now I wanted a team, and when the first lockdown happened I jumped at the chance to take part in the Covid 19 Hackathon, and after being chosen as the team leader for our international team, a few sleepless nights later, some hard graft, pitching to the UN, UK Gov, investors and CEO’s from around the world we won 1st prise and started Saku. 

My journey has now led me here. Designing products is by far the most fun and satisfying thing I have done. People are fascinating, and finding out what and why they like or dislike certain things, and then redesigning or creating a product from scratch to create something that they maybe didn't even know they needed, is just great!  


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